'We’ve decided to stand up to save our neighbourhood park' Marie-Hélène Muller

Published on 2013-03-20 00:00:00
Montpellier, Hérault
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25, Rue Dom Vaissette

34000 Montpellier

Tél : 04 67 58 32 83


Email : asso.pave@free.fr


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Rescuing a city park!

Marie Helene and the residents of her area fought together for almost 10 years to conserve their park that was threatened several times to be replaced by buildings. Around 10 years ago, the building promoters of Marseille envisaged the construction of housing in the centre of the park situated in the heart of the Clemenceau district. In disapproval of this project, the residents organised themselves into an association and worked together to prevent its finalisation. The area is finally redeemed by the town hall of Montpellier and the park becomes the property of the city. But the housing construction project remains topical. More mobilised than ever, the association Pavé, the residents of the neighbourhood and the people of Montpellier reunite and express their dissatisfaction afresh: marches, protests, petitions… they claim the park belonging to their neighbourhood. Their goal is finally achieved and the area is preserved. Today the garden is visited by schools, students and college students that find each other here. The association continues to live by holding meetings here and organizing meet-ups… The Clemenceau park is currently maintained by the mayor and safeguarded by the citizen and residents.



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