'I decided to mobilize my capacities as an entrepreneur to create an ecological agriculture farm. "' Michel Valentin

Published on 2011-09-10 00:00:00
La Roche-sur-Grane, Drôme
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Contact details :

Les Amanins, 26400 La Roche-sur-Grâne

Tel : 04 75 43 75 05/ Email : info@lesamanins.com


Lanceurs d'avenir

ecological agriculture farm for everyone : The Amanins


A lover of the land, Michel Valentin is also a man of action. So, he decides to link both of his passions by creating "The Amanins", an ecological agricultural center whose goal is to leave a healthy and fertile land to our children.

Two main actions : practise ecological agriculture (polyculture system which gives residents the opportunity to produce their own food) and create an primary school where a cooperative pedagogy and a teaching based on projects are set up.

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