'" People from a village decide to use earthworms to purify drinking water : it's a unique experiment in France! "' Daniel Floutard

Published on 2011-06-21 00:00:00
Combaillaux, Hérault
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> Mairie de Combaillaux :

M. Daniel Floutard

3, rue des Remparts, 34980 Combaillaux

Tel : 04 67 84 22 68

Email : maire@combaillaux.fr

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Lanceurs d'avenir

We filter waste water by vermicomposting!!

In a village with about 1000 inhabitants, the municipality sets up and tests a water-treatment plant in two different ways, a conventional one and another one by a "vermi-filter" system. Earthworms do all the work alone and change waste water into compost. It works and it's more economical in terms of both investment and day to day running !!

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